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Parking stackers/lifts maximize space by allowing multiple vehicles to be parked vertically within a single space. Many designs can be implemented, both indoors and outdoors depending on goals & logistics. Stackers/lifts offset increasing density in urban settings as well improving efficiencies.

APS has specific experience operating these systems. Being a competent operator of these systems is imperative. Operating lifts successfully requires selection of quality, responsible personnel & thorough training by professional trainers. APS personnel are fully certified to operate this machinery.

Maximize Your Space

Maximize Your Time:
Parking App Technology

APS has engaged in parking app technology, essentially high tech “call down” service. Users can now communicate quickly & easily with our personnel. Users communicate to our team via text. When they arrive to pick up their vehicle it is ready with little or no waiting.

This technology also provides excellent tracking & reports, records pre-existing damage, and saves considerable for APS personnel. Extremely efficient and user friendly, it can be used in multiple scenarios including parking lift operations, hotels, medical facilities, etc. Please ask us about implementing this technology at your facility.

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