Welcome to different.

There’s a reason we’re called “Advanced” Parking Systems. We are constantly moving forward to improve our services and your bottom line. Privately owned and answering only to our customers, we have made parking a profit center for our customers for more than thirteen years, while providing a superior service experience for the end user.





Founded in 1999, Advanced Parking Systems is proudly celebrating 14 years of providing professional services for our valued clients.


Mission Statement

Advanced Parking Systems provides exemplary professional parking services that anticipate and exceed our customers’ needs. We constantly listen, learn, and conduct our business according to principled and disciplined ethics with a view towards long-term relationships.


Company Background

Advanced Parking Systems was founded in 1999. We chose the name “advanced” to reflect our goal of pushing forward in every area of our business and service to our customers. From the beginning we saw a huge opportunity to improve the guest experience and make a memorable impression with every interaction. We realized that ours is not really a car business, but rather, a people business. So we carefully selected people who demonstrated honesty, positive energy and a ready smile that needed no prompting. Today, we continue to hire and retain friendly, impeccably mannered professionals who maintain positive decorum at all times.


Enthusiastic about exceeding expectations, we discovered ways to create customized financial packages that provide more of what our customers want, while eliminating what they don’t want. More service at lower cost provides our customers with the net result of “value.” We’re confident you will find our value to be unmatched in the parking industry.


Advanced Parking Systems  |  544 Mateo Street, Third Floor  |  Los Angeles, CA 90013  |  213 628 9500