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There’s a reason we’re called “Advanced” Parking Systems. We are constantly moving forward to improve our services and your bottom line. Privately owned and answering only to our customers, we have made parking a profit center for our customers for more than thirteen years, while providing a superior service experience for the end user.





APS designs “tailor made” financial agreements including short, middle, and long term land leases for parking.



Advanced Parking Systems provides valet and self-park services to premier resorts, cosmopolitan hotels and boutique lodging. Beyond valet, our services can extend from a friendly greeting upon arrival, all the way through bellhop service and the guest’s room. If you want friendly, enthusiastic, go-the-extra mile people assisting your guests, we deliver. One of our customers is the Hilton Anaheim, Southern California’s largest hotel, located adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center. Nearby Disneyland has been a valued client of APS for more than a decade.


Self-Parking Structures & Surface Lots

Self-parking, while not service-oriented by nature, does provide an opportunity to enhance the user experience, which reflects positively on you. At the parking entrance, eye contact and a ready smile go a long way toward making a favorable initial impression. The same is true at the exit, where offering directions to the nearest freeway can leave the guest with a nice feeling. Ask us about creative financial arrangements for self-parking structures and surface lots. We’re all about making things work for you.


Valet Parking

Many people are reluctant to turn over their car keys to a valet attendant. After more than thirteen years of serving all categories of hospitality – including restaurants, private clubs and retail companies – we are known for providing courteous and reliable service, saying yes, and going the extra mile as a standard operating procedure. When your reputation is in our hands, be assured that your guests will be treated well.


Parking & Traffic Monitoring

Advanced Parking Systems provides professional personnel to keep an eye on your lot and help prevent parking lot abuse. Many times, opportunists take advantage of “free customer parking.” They take a space in the lot but don’t visit any of the stores and other businesses it serves. You lose valuable spaces and your business can be impacted financially. Our parking and traffic monitoring services can make a huge difference.


For even tighter control, APS can also implement validation programs for parking lots. Having uniformed personnel on the property creates a safer environment for customers and employees, while ensuring appropriate use of parking lot spaces.


Filming/Special Events/Long Term parking

Parking is a huge consideration in filming and special events. Everything is on a tight schedule, and vehicles need to be directed and parked with care, organization and efficiency. APS can take care of it all. We have long-term relationships with location scouts, so we can obtain the best parking arrangements. And ask us about long-term parking. We deliver excellence and net profit.


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